Kronenbourg 1664 mont Blanc

Kronenbourg 1664 blanc beer  Can
24 X Can 500 ml Can
24 X Can 330 ml Can

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc  Bottles
330 ml x 24 Bottles
250 ml x 24 Bottles


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Kronenbourg 1664 mont is a premium wheat beer that turns every beer moment in to a sip of French pleasure. Brewed in Alsace, France, Kronenbourg 1664 mont uses an old Belgian Wit beer recipe, and adds citrus, giving it a fresh fruity flavour.

Product description

Kronenbourg 1664 mont is fresh and fruity beer. This original refreshing white (wheat) beer is brewed with a hint of citrus, and coriander spice which makes it a sweet and unique flavory modern taste among all other wheat beers. This modernity is perfectly expressed through its unique shiny blue bottle of unique design.

Producer:Brasseries Kronenbourg
EAN unit:3080216015507
Pieces in the carton:24
Carton quantity on pallet:65
Pieces quantity on Pallet1,560
Shelf life18 months
Label TextEN FR



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